When you click on a project in 2Shapes Workshop, you can access more detailed information about it. This includes features such as its production status, QR code, duration of each process, and other characteristics.

By accessing the project details, you can obtain a comprehensive overview of the specific project and its current status in the production process. This information allows you to track the progress, identify any bottlenecks or delays, and make informed decisions regarding its further development or completion.

Furthermore, the detailed product view may provide information on the duration of each process involved in its production. This allows you to estimate the time required for each step and effectively plan and allocate resources to ensure timely completion.

Overall, the detailed project view in 2Shapes Workshop enhances your understanding of the product's characteristics, production status, and associated information, empowering you to manage and monitor the production process effectively.

Once you access the features of a project, this window provides several options:

  1. Set project as Completed: This option allows you to change the status of the specific project to "completed." By marking a project as completed, you indicate that all the necessary tasks and processes related to the project have been finished.

  2. Archive Project: This option allows you to archive the specific project. Archiving a project means moving it to an inactive or stored status, usually for organizational purposes or when the project is no longer actively being worked on. Archiving helps declutter your project list while keeping the project information accessible if needed in the future.

  3. Dowload: This option allows you to download the STL or 3DM file of the project. You can choose the appropriate file format for your needs. Downloading the project file enables you to save a local copy of the project or use it for further processing or manufacturing purposes.

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