Product details

When you click on any product or bespoke design within the Boutique module, the details of that item will be displayed.

On the detailed product page within the Boutique module, you will find several menus and items organized to provide comprehensive information about the opened product. Here is a breakdown of each element:

  1. Product Name: This displays the name of the product, allowing customers to easily identify it.

  2. Short Description: This section provides a concise description of the product, giving customers a quick overview of its key features or unique selling points.

  3. Price: The price of the product is displayed, indicating the cost associated with purchasing it.

  4. Variation Description: If the product has different variations (such as different sizes, colors, or materials), this section provides a specific description of the selected variation, helping customers understand the differences between options.

  5. Add an Inscription: The button to open the Add an Inscription menu.

  6. Delivery Time: This indicates the time it will take to deliver the product to the store or to the customer's designated location.

  7. Attributes: The attributes section is used to configure and display different variations of the product based on the options chosen.

  8. Add to Shopping Bag: This button enables customers to add a particular product to their shopping bag.

  9. Send a Hint: It enables users to share information about a specific product.

  10. The Wish list icon, which allows you to add this product to your customer's wish list.

  11. Main Preview Image: This displays the primary image of the product, providing a visual representation of its appearance.

  12. Preview Images: Additional images of the product may be included in this section. Clicking on any of these images will replace the main preview image (point 11 on the diagram) with the selected image, allowing customers to view different angles or variations of the product.

  13. Detailed Information: The detailed information attached to this product.

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