When you click on the "Share" button in 2Shapes, a popup window appears with various sharing options. You can share or embed a link with anyone. Additionally, you have the ability to select different options such as:

  1. Enable or disable "Public Access": When enabled, anyone with the link can view this project. This means that the project becomes accessible to anyone who has the link.

  2. Enable or disable "Notifications": When enabled, you will receive a notification when someone accesses the shared link. This can be helpful to track when others view or interact with the project.

  3. Enable or disable "Password": When enabled, you can generate a password to access the link. This adds an extra layer of security, and only those who have the correct password can view the shared project.

Finally, you have the option to obtain the link or the Embed code. These options provide different ways to share the project with others. You can share the link directly, or if you want to embed the project into a website or a document, you can use the provided Embed code.

By using these options, you have control over who can access the shared project, whether you want to receive notifications about its usage, and whether you want to add an extra layer of security through a password.

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