Empower Your Team, Control with Confidence

The Accounts feature enables you to manage user accounts within your 2Shapes Dashboard. You can create and configure individual accounts for your team members, controlling their access to different sections and functionalities. It allows you to maintain a secure and organized user management system, ensuring appropriate access and data privacy.

  1. Users: Within the Accounts section, you can access and view all the users who have been added to your organization.

  2. Invite new users: Press the "Add User" button to add a new user to your organization. By clicking this button, you will be able to initiate the process of creating a new user account within 2Shapes Dashboard.

  3. User information: Can view the details associated with each user, including their name, profile picture, and e-mail address. This feature provides an overview of user information, allowing you to easily identify and update their profile as needed.

  4. Module access: Based on the characteristics of each user, you have the flexibility to establish their access to different modules within 2Shapes Dashboard. This feature allows you to tailor the user experience and permissions according to their roles and responsibilities within your organization. By customizing module access, you can ensure that users have the appropriate level of functionality and control over the features that are relevant to their specific tasks. This granular access control fosters a secure and efficient workflow, empowering users with the tools they need to excel in their respective roles while maintaining data privacy and organizational integrity.

  5. New user information: To add a new user, you will click on "Add User" (2) and fill out the form with the relevant information for the new user. You can also send an invitation message to the user. Once the form is completed and the roles have been assigned, click on "Accept" to finalize the process. This action will create a new user account with the provided details and grant them access to the designated modules and functionalities based on their assigned roles.

The roles can be reorganized at any time by clicking on the Module access (4).

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