Designing with your customers at the store.

Let's convert a transaction into an experience!

We've spent the last three years building the experience of purchasing jewelry, understanding that jewelry is an investment, it's emotional, it's normally a whim, and associated with something very special in people's lives.

Open studio

Once a design is created, it will be displayed in our workspace. By hovering the mouse over the design, you can view details such as the name and creation date. Moreover, in the top-right corner, a button will appear with various options, including the ability to open the design or open it in a new tab. Alternatively, you can double-click on the design to open it directly in Studio.

After starting Studio, the window should look similar to the image below.

The interface

The interface of 2Shapes Design Studio is divided into three main sections:

  • Toolbar: At the very top, consists of the main menu, which is used for creating or opening designs, saving, importing and exporting files, configuring settings, and downloading among other functions.⠀

  • Design workspace: This is the central area where you can visually create and modify your jewelry designs.

  • Module selector: Allows users to switch between different modules within the 2Shapes suite.

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