Module Selector

The "Module Selector" in 2Shapes refers to a feature that allows users to switch between different modules within the 2Shapes suite. It is a tool that facilitates navigation and seamless transitions between the various functionalities available in the platform.

When using the Module Selector, users can quickly access specific applications such as 2Shapes Design, 2Shapes POS, 2Shapes CRM, and others, depending on the applications and modules that are available to them.

The purpose of the Module Selector is to provide users with convenient and efficient access to the various tools and features of 2Shapes. It enables users to switch quickly between modules without the need to manually close and open each one. This enhances the overall user experience and boosts productivity by offering a seamless transition between tasks within the 2Shapes ecosystem.


This application is primarily used for designing and creating jewelry. It provides a robust set of tools and features for creating and customizing jewelry designs, including 3D modeling, gemstone settings, measurements, and more.


The Boutique was designed not only to manage the traditional items of the store and its daily management but also to integrate seamless personalized jewelry.

Customer Relationship Management

The CRM application is focused on managing customer interactions and relationships. It allows jewelers to store customer information, track communications, manage leads, and analyze customer data to enhance customer satisfaction and drive sales.


Inventory helps users manage and track their jewelry inventory, including stock levels, product variations, and reorder management. Your inventory will be automatically updated every time a sale is registered in your warehouses or online stores. You can add new products to 2Shapes Inventory with just a simple click, thanks to our CSV importer.


The Workshop application provides a platform for managing the manufacturing and production process of jewelry designs. It helps jewelers track production orders, manage inventory, assign tasks to craftsmen, and monitor the progress of manufacturing projects.

2Shapes for Rhino

The best 3D CAD design tool for jewels, made by the creator of RhinoGold. Enjoy Rhino with the cutting-edge features of 2Shapes.


The Dashboard application serves as a centralized hub for monitoring and analyzing key metrics and data related to sales, customer engagement, inventory, and other aspects of the jewelry business. It provides visual reports, analytics, and insights to support informed decision-making.

Each of these modules of the 2Shapes app is designed to cater to specific needs and workflows in the jewelry industry, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for jewelry design, sales management, customer relationship management, manufacturing, and business analytics.

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