In this section, you can find your configurations for your profit margins and the system to calculate them.

Here you will find listed all your existing configurations in your 2Shapes organization.

To create a new Markup configuration, click on New markup, which will list a new blank configuration.

To edit a markup configuration, click on it.

Markup Editor

All Markup configurations are organized in 4 menus where you can find all the fields and options to set your profit margins.

You can duplicate, delete, and save your changes respectively, using the icons on the top-right of your screen.

This configuration will only apply to Bespoke designs you sell through 2Shapes Store and 2Shapes Online Store. For more information on pricing options for your physical products please refer to this page.


In this menu, you can find the name for these configurations and some notes you want to add for future references.

There are several options available at the top right in icons:

  1. Fill with data: This option allows the form to be filled with previously saved information.

  2. Duplicate: This option enables you to make a copy.

  3. Delete: This option allows you to remove.

  4. Save: Saves the changes made.

Main stone cost percentage

With this menu, you can set various profit margins depending on the percentage of the gem's price represents of the final price of the Bespoke design.

If a Bespoke ring has a price of $1000, and from that price, $700 is the price of gems, the value you enter in the 70%-60% field will apply.

You can also add the same profit margins in all fields to make it universal for all cases.

Customer provides main stone

Defines the profit margin you apply to Bespoke designs when the customer provides the stones to set.

Diamonds & Gemstones

In this menu, you can set the profit margin that will be applied to Diamonds, Small Diamonds, and Gemstones depending on which weight range they belong to. For more information on these gem types, refer to the Diamonds page.

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