Classic Shank

Traditional and timeless style for rings


The classic shank represents a traditional and timeless style for rings. It typically features a straight or slightly curved band with a smooth and simple design. This type of shank is versatile and suitable for various ring designs.

Ring Size

In the case of rings, the first parameter we consider is the ring size, which allows us to customize the model according to our client's preference. To set the ring size, we select the country and then choose the desired size. This ensures that the ring will fit comfortably and accurately on the wearer's finger. By offering a range of sizes, we can cater to various customer needs and provide a personalized experience. This feature is crucial in creating a perfectly fitting and comfortable ring for the wearer.

Shank Profile

The second parameter is the Shank Profile, where we establish the characteristics of the ring's shank profile.

  1. Top profile: Refers to the shape or design of the top portion of the shank where it meets the main setting.

It is important to note that if no other profile is activated, the Top Profile will serve as the profile for the entire ring. In other words, the design and characteristics of the Top Profile will extend throughout the entire shank of the ring.

  1. Bottom profile: Refers to the shape or design of the bottom portion of the shank.

  2. Mid profile: Refers to the shape or design of the middle portion of the shank.

  3. External curve: refers to the outer curve of the shank profile. It allows adjustment of the shape and curvature of the outside of the shank. This parameter influences both comfort and aesthetics of the ring.

  4. Profile curve: Defines the shape of the shank. By clicking on the curve, you can select a different curve from 2Shapes' standard library or create a custom curve from scratch. This flexibility allows you to tailor the shank's shape to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring a unique and personalized design.

  5. Measures: Allows for adjusting both the width and height of the shank's profile. This feature enables precise customization of the dimensions and proportions of the shank according to the desired design.

  6. External Measures: Allows to adjust the dimensions of the external profile of the shank.

  7. Interior Measures: Allows for changing the type of interior of the ring and provides control over displacement, rotation, and height adjustments. This parameter enables customization of the inner surface of the ring, allowing designers to choose from different interior styles such as comfort, solid, or thickness.

Advanced: Gems and Prongs

Allows for defining whether or not gemstones will be included in the design. This parameter provides options to customize the final style of the shank. If gemstones are selected, additional parameters are available to define the prongs specifications, such as their size, shape, and position. This level of customization ensures that the gem settings and prongs align with the desired aesthetic and functional requirements of the design. Designers have the flexibility to create stunning and personalized pieces with or without gemstones, tailoring the final look to meet their clients' preferences.

  1. Pave gems: In this menu, all the parameters related to gemstones can be found. These parameters allow for precise customization and adjustment of various aspects of the gemstones within the design.

  2. Finishings: Allows for changing the type of opening in the ring to Pinch, Cutting, or No Opening. This parameter provides options to customize the design by adding or removing an opening in the shank. Additionally, designers can adjust the parameters related to the opening.

  3. Switch to activate or deactivate gems

  4. Gems parameters: It offers several customization parameters to adjust the gemstones to the ring.

  5. Without prongs

  6. With Prongs

  7. Prongs parameters: It offers several customization parameters to adjust the prongs.

  8. Drill settings: Refer to the parameters that control the drilling of holes in the design, particularly in relation to gemstone settings.

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