User Interface

The central area where you can visually create and modify your jewelry designs.

The user interface

The workspace of 2Shapes Design Studio is divided into three main parts: Design Information and Elements (Yellow), Viewport (Blue), and Scene Properties (Red).

Design Information and Library: This section of the workspace displays relevant information about the jewelry design, such as the design name, description, dimensions, and any other important details. A list of the elements used in the design, such as gems, metals, and components, can also be accessed here.

Viewport: The viewport is the main area of the workspace where the jewelry design is visualized in 3D. This is where designers can view their designs from different angles, zoom in and out, and make real-time modifications. The viewport allows for a precise and detailed representation of the design, facilitating evaluation and refinement.

Scene Properties: In this section, designers can adjust the properties and settings of the scene in which the design is displayed. This includes aspects such as lighting, backgrounds, ground, try-on, and grid. By adjusting these properties, designers can achieve different visual effects and customize the overall look and feel of the layout presentation.

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