Within each workspace, we have labels. These labels represent different categories that help users better organize their designs. By assigning labels to designs, users can quickly filter and locate specific projects based on the assigned categories, making it easier to manage and navigate through a large number of designs.

In Design, you can organize your designs using labels in several ways. Create custom labels according to your own preferences and needs. For example, you can create labels based on materials, specific clients, delivery dates, or any other relevant criteria for your designs.

By using these labels, you can assign them to your designs in 2Shapes Design to easily organize and filter them. This allows you to quickly access designs based on selected categories or criteria, making it easier to manage and locate your designs within the software.

To create a new label, follow these steps:

  1. In the 2Shapes Design interface, locate the "Labels" panel in the sidebar.

  2. Click on the "Add label" button or the "+" icon in the labels panel.

  3. A popup window or text field will appear where you can enter the name of the new label you want to create. Type in the label name and click "Accept".

  4. The new label will be added to the labels panel and will be available for assignment to your designs.

  5. Once you have created a label, you can change its color by clicking on the options button to the right of its name. You can also rename the label or delete it.

When deleting a label in Design, it's important to remember that the elements assigned to that label will also be deleted. This includes designs, components, and associated elements. Careful consideration is necessary to avoid the unintended removal of important design components. Take the time to review and transfer elements to another label or reorganize them before deleting them to preserve data integrity and prevent accidental loss.

To assign a design to a label, drag the design and drop it onto the corresponding label.

Now you have created and assigned a new label to your design. You can repeat these steps to create as many labels as you want and effectively organize your designs.

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