Attributes & Variations

In this step, we will define the attributes and variations; if you have experience in eCommerce, you will see that they are standard concepts when we have a product with several versions.

Attributes: We understand by attributes what we want to change in our elements, such as gem size, shape, profiles, thicknesses, and materials,....

Variations: Variations are the combinatorial of all the possibilities of the attributes. For example, if we have three gem shapes (round, cushion and princess) and three sizes (0.25ct, 0.50ct, 0.75ct), we will have nine variations. Do you understand? We will go into more detail below.


We will start with the attributes. As shown below, in this example, we will use six attributes for the peghead and another 6 for the shank.

The numbers shown on the right are the values we will use for each attribute, for example, gem sizes; in this case, we will offer our customers eight sizes.

Adding the Attributes

Empezaremos añadiendo los atributos para el peghead. Para ello, editaremos el elemento.

El siguiente paso, es mostrar

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