User Interface Overview

The first image we will see is the user interface (UI). The UI serves as the graphical representation of the software and provides a platform for users to interact with the various tools and features of 2Shapes.

It includes a design library panel on the left to access the jewelry components, a toolbar on the top for essential actions, and on the right side you will find each of the different features. The user interface is easy to use and intuitive, aiming to streamline the design process and improve productivity.

  1. User profile: The user's profile includes basic information such as name, email address, job, phone, language... Users can also upload a profile picture to personalize their accounts.

  1. Library panel: My workspace: On the left side, we can find the design library panel, which allows us to access our models. This panel enables us to easily drag and drop these elements onto the workspace for designing purposes.

  1. The "Module Selector" in 2Shapes refers to a feature that allows users to switch between different modules within the 2Shapes suite. It is a tool that facilitates navigation and seamless transitions between the various functionalities available in the platform.

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