In this panel, you can manage and configure the different online stores associated with your organization. You can set their customer service hours, specify store-specific details, and ensure consistency across your store locations.

  1. Stores: In this section, stores can be viewed, edited, and added.

  2. Add New Store: By clicking on this button, a new store can be added.

  3. My stores: Here, previously added stores are displayed, and by clicking on them, you can edit them.

  4. Map: Allows for the visualization of the exact location of different stores.

When you click on one of the stores (3) or the "Add New Store" button (2), you will see a panel like the one below. In this panel, you can enter the details of your store, view it on the map, and set the opening hours for your store.

Remember to press the "Save" button located in the top right corner to save the changes made.

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