The Boutique module's interface is specifically designed to be used in front of end customers, ensuring that only appropriate information is displayed.

The main elements of the Boutique interface include:

  1. Organization Logo: This logo represents your brand or organization and serves as a clickable element that allows users to quickly return to the Home page of the Boutique module.

  2. Search, Wish List, and Shopping Bag: These are essential features for the sales process. The search function enables customers to search for specific products or keywords within your boutique. The wish list allows customers to save and keep track of products they are interested in, and the shopping bag displays the items that customers have added for purchase.

  3. Navigation Bar: The navigation bar is used to browse your Group of Collections. It provides options that allow customers to explore different categories or collections of jewelry or products available in your boutique. This helps customers navigate and find the specific items they are looking for.

  4. Showcase Area: This is the main section of the interface where collections are prominently displayed. It serves as the focal point for showcasing your offerings to customers. Within the showcase area, customers can view representative images of each collection.

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