In this section, you can find your configurations for your shipments and the system to calculate shipping costs.

Here you will find listed all your existing configurations in your 2Shapes organization.

To create a new Shipment configuration, click on the New shipment, which will list a new blank configuration.

To edit a shipping configuration, click on it.

Shipment Editor

All shipping configurations are organized in 2 menus where you can find all the fields and options to set your shipment options.

You can duplicate, delete, and save your changes respectively, using the icons on the top-right of your screen.

This configuration will apply to all sales made through 2Shapes Store and 2Shapes Online Store when the customer decides to deliver their order to an address other than your store locations.

Shipping from

In this menu, you can define the location from which your orders are sent to your customers, and which currency they use there.

Shipping to

With this menu, you can set multiple shipping rates for zones you can ship to. Each zone can contain multiple countries and rates.

To set up a new Shipping zone, click on the Create shipping zone button at the top-right corner of this menu. This will open a new window with some fields:

  • Zone name: The name of the zone, used to later help you identify this group of countries.

  • Search countries: You can type the name of the country you want to include, or scroll down on this menu to find it on the list manually. To include countries in this Shipping zone, check the box to its right.

You can edit and delete Shipping zones by clicking the three dots icon to its right, and selecting the corresponding icon.

To add a Rate to a Shipping zone, click on the Add rate button below it. This will open a window with 4 fields:

  • Rate name: A descriptive name for this rate. It may contain the delivery service it represents (e.g. Courier, Urgent delivery, UPS 24h, FedEx Express, etc...).

  • Price: The price the customer will pay for this delivery service.

  • Operated at: Which days of the week this service can deliver products to a customer.

  • Delivery days: How many days does it take for this service to deliver to the customer's set address.

You can edit and delete Rates by clicking the three dots icon to its right, and selecting the corresponding icon.

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