Next we will see how to learn how to set up our scene. All the functions we use are available in the Scene tab.


The environment is like our counter in the store. The environment is a file that contains illumination, reflection, etc... and the most evident case is the metal; thanks to its reflection, it reflects the environment on the piece. In other words, the environment affects how our jewellery looks.

2Shapes includes more than 40 environments ready to be used and give it our style. However, it is possible to add our environments in HDRI format.

High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI) files are a type of image format used in computer graphics, especially in applications related to rendering, visual effects, and virtual reality. HDRI files store information about the lighting and color of a scene in a way that allows for representing a wide range of light intensities, which is crucial for creating realistic 3D images and scenes. Here are some key features of HDRI files:

  1. High Dynamic Range (HDR): HDRI files store information about the light intensity in a scene across a much broader range than traditional images (such as JPEGs). This means they can accurately represent both very bright and very dark areas in a scene.

  2. Lighting Information: HDRI files capture not only the color of light but also its direction and intensity. This is particularly useful for 3D scene rendering, as it allows for simulating realistic lighting effects.

  3. Reflections and Refractions: HDRI files are commonly used to generate realistic reflections and refractions on surfaces in 3D environments. This is useful for simulating highly reflective surfaces like glass or water.

  4. Applications: HDRI files are used in a variety of applications, including 3D image rendering, visual effects in films and video games, architectural modeling, virtual and augmented reality, and more. They are also used to create environment maps that are applied to 3D objects to simulate their surrounding environment.

  5. Formats: HDRI files are typically stored in formats such as EXR (OpenEXR), HDR, or Radiance RGBE, among others. These formats preserve the high dynamic range information and allow for manipulation in image editing and rendering software.

In summary, HDRI files are essential in the computer graphics industry to achieve realistic visual effects and accurate lighting in 3D scenes. Thanks to their ability to represent a wide range of light intensities, artists and designers can create images and scenes with a high level of detail and realism.


We can define the background colour of our scene. By default, our configurator has a transparent background to show the background colour of the web, and we can adjust it by CSS, but we will talk about that in the web integration section.

Ground Plane

By default, a ground plane is created and updated automatically in all designs. We model our jewel; the ground plane automatically finds the best place. As shown below, we can turn the ground plane on and off to generate leftovers and more realistic effects.


Also, to get a more realistic effect, we can try our jewellery on a hand, arm or bust. When we select a hand, we can choose male or female, right or left, and the skin tone.

Grid and Axes are modeling aids that do not affect the configurator, so you can find details in the studio section.

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