On this tab, you can organize, create, edit, and delete products among many other operations.

Products Manager

Within this tab, you will find all the products you keep on 2Shapes Inventory.


On the left side of your screen, you can find the design Labels, they are different spaces in which you can keep your designs.

  • Color: Clicking on any of the colored bubbles will paint this label with the selected color.

  • Rename: After clicking this option, you can type in a new name for this label.

  • Delete: If you click this option, the label will be deleted, and all the products it contains will be moved to the Start label.

On the All Products label, you will find all the products in a single place, even the ones that are in labels.

The Bin products label allows you to see what products you have deleted and gives you the option to recover them. Products only stay 30 days on this label, past that time they are deleted forever.


All your products are displayed in the center area of your screen.

You can click on New product to create a new product.

To expand the extra options of a product, click on the three-dots icon. Here are the available options:

  1. Open: Opens the configuration simulator of the selected product.

  2. Open new tab: Opens the configuration simulator of the selected product in a new tab.

  3. Edit: Opens the Product editor. This option enables you to modify the details or properties of the product.

  4. Edit in a new tab: Opens the Product editor in a new browser tab.

  5. Copy link: This option copies the URL or link associated with the product.

  6. Copy product ID: Selecting this option copies the unique identifier or product ID associated with the specific product, which can be useful for referencing or searching purposes.

  7. Duplicate: This option creates a copy of the product, including all its details and configurations. It is helpful when you want to create a similar product or make variations without starting from scratch.

  8. Rename: This option allows you to change the name of the product, making it easier to identify or differentiate from others in your inventory.

  9. Delete: Move the selected products to the Bin products label.

You can drag and drop selected products on other labels to move them over there.

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