What is WordPress Shortcode?

Shortcodes put the power of coding in the hands of every WordPress user – even those who don’t know a thing about website development. These snippets of code can be inserted just about anywhere to add dynamic features, ranging from galleries, audio files, headers, and content from external sites to any WordPress website. Easy to use, shortcodes are often overlooked, but a convenient tool for adding a variety of specialized features to your WordPress site.

How Do Shortcodes Work in WordPress?

A shortcode is a small piece of code designed to perform a specific function or add a particular feature to a WordPress site. Because most shortcodes aren’t part of WordPress themes or plugins, they can be inserted into pages, posts, and text widgets anywhere on a website a user wants to add that feature – or deleted when the feature is no longer needed. The shortcodes appear as text within single brackets and this represents a larger piece of code that WordPress executes from within one of its site files. All a user needs to do is locate the shortcode, copy it, and insert it into the location where the shortcode function is supposed to appear.

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