In the center, taking up most of the screen, we have the area where users can visualize their designs. It offers a spacious canvas on which different elements can be placed and organized. We also have a search bar where we can search for our elements.

New design

To create a new design, simply click on the "New Design" button. This will open a pop-up window where you can give a name to your new design. After clicking "Accept," the design studio will open, allowing you to start creating your model.

In addition to creating a new design from scratch, you can also add a model from the "Trends" button located in the upper right corner. By clicking on the "Trends" button, a library of ready-to-use designs will be accessible.

From the Trends library, you can browse through a variety of design options that align with the latest industry trends. These designs have been curated and pre-created, saving you time and effort in the design process.

Once you find a design that fits your vision, simply select it from the Trends library and import it into your workspace. From there, you can customize and modify the design according to your preferences, such as adjusting dimensions, changing materials, or adding personalized details.

The inclusion of the Trends library provides designers with a convenient resource for exploring popular and on-trend design ideas, expanding their creative options, and accelerating the design process.

Design options

Once a design is created, it will appear in our workspace. When hovering over the design, we can see information such as the name or creation date. Additionally, a button will appear in the upper right corner, providing several options, including:

  • Open: This option allows us to make modifications and further customize the design. By clicking on the Open button, we can access the design and continue refining it.

  • Open New Tab: This allows you to access the studio without leaving the current window. It provides a convenient way to multitask and navigate through different designs simultaneously.

  • Move to another workspace: This allows you to transfer a design from its current workspace to a different workspace within the application. This feature is useful for organizing and categorizing your designs into specific workspaces based on different projects, clients, or design themes.

  • Copy Link: The "Copy Link" option in Design allows you to generate a shareable link for a specific design element within the application. This feature enables you to easily share the design element with others, clients, or collaborators.

  • Copy Design Id: The "Copy Design ID" option in 2Shapes Design allows you to quickly copy the unique identifier associated with a specific design element within the application. This feature is useful for referencing or tracking a particular design element, especially when communicating with others or retrieving specific information related to that design.

  • Duplicate: Allows you to create a copy of a selected design element within the application. This feature is useful when you want to create variations of a design or work on similar designs based on an existing one.

  • Rename: Allows you to change the name or title of a selected design element within the application. This feature is useful for keeping your designs organized and easily identifiable, especially when working with multiple designs or collaborating with others.

  • Delete: This allows you to remove a selected design element from your workspace.


Additionally, when you delete a design element in 2Shapes Design, it is moved to the "Bin" label. The Bin label serves as a temporary storage area for deleted designs, providing you with the option to restore a design or permanently delete it.

To assign a design to a label, drag the design and drop it onto the corresponding label.

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