With this tab, you can test how your Manufacturers, Diamonds, and Markups configurations work together to calculate the price for a Collection's designs.

You will need to have at least 1 Manufacturers, Diamonds, and Markups configuration fully set up, and a Collection with at least 1 design for the Simulator to work.

This tab is organized into 2 menus:


In this menu, you can select which Manufacturers, Diamonds, and Markups configurations you want to use for the simulation.

You also have 4 other fields:

  • Selected metal: The metal the simulator will use to do the calculations. It will only show the metals enabled in the selected Manufacturer configuration.

  • Mode:

    • No prices, to calculate weights, delivery dates, and other manufacturing information.

    • Price, to calculate the cost of manufacturing the selected Collection, without profit margins.

    • Price and markup, to calculate the price they will have on your Store and Online Store. It displays your Markup percentage and amount to see how much you win in profits.

    • Retail Price Only, if you want to show this page to your customers, without showing information of your Markups.

  • Collection: With this field, you can choose what collection you want to use for the simulation.

  • Currency: The currency you want the simulator to display prices in.


On this menu, you can see the selected Collection and its designs, with all the pricing and manufacturing information.

If you lack a specific gem type, size, or amount necessary to manufacture any of these designs, the simulator will replace the pricing with a message showing which gems you need.

You can click on any design to see a full breakdown of costs, prices, and manufacturing details of a particular design.

Simulator breakdown

Here you can see in detail each calculation 2Shapes makes with your designs.

This is divided into 4 menus:

  • Overview: Here you can see the basic information about this design.

  • Metals and Labors: Shows the costs for all the manufacturing processes it has to go through along with the profit margin applied.

  • Diamonds and Gemstones: This menu lists the diamonds and gems you would need for this design, along with the related costs, markups, and retail prices.

  • Tasks: Displays the manufacturing planning you would see in 2Shapes Workshop if a customer was to purchase it right now.

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