Bespoke studio

The Bespoke Studio is a powerful tool that enables you and your salespeople to customize bespoke designs according to specific requirements, creating a unique connection between the product, the customer, and your brand. When accessing the Bespoke Studio, you will see the design currently being edited at the center of the screen, surrounded by icons on both sides. These icons provide additional functionalities and options to enhance the customization process.

Camera controls

You can left-click on your screen and drag your mouse to rotate the studio. To move the camera, you can right-click on your screen and drag your mouse. You can also use the mouse wheel to zoom in (wheel up) and zoom out (wheel down) on your screen.


At the top of your screen, you can see your brand's logo, if clicked, it will return you to this bespoke design's details page. This action doesn't save any changes made in the Bespoke studio.

At the bottom of your screen, you can find the selling price of this bespoke design (9), and the delivery date this design would arrive in your store.

On the left side of your screen, you can find some icons:

  1. Add to shopping bag: Adds this bespoke design to your customer's shopping bag.

  2. Add to wish list: Adds this bespoke design to your customer's wish list.

  3. Metal: Opens the Metal selector menu, where you can change this bespoke design's material to another (depending on your Store settings).

  4. Ring size: Only visible to Ring bespoke designs. Opens the Ring size selector menu, where you can change this bespoke design's size.

  5. Hand preview: Opens the Hand selector menu, where you can hide or show the hand preview, and customize it to match your customer's preference.

On the right side of your screen, you can find the icons that allow you to identify what Elements form this bespoke design, and also modifies, adds, or removes them:

  1. Element icon: Represented by the rendering of this Element, if clicked, displays options related to this Element:

    • Change Element: Opens the Elements selector menu, displaying your organization's Elements. You can click on any of them to switch the current one for the chosen Element.

    • Reset Position: Moves the Element to the center of the Bespoke studio.

    • Remove Element: Removes the Element from the Bespoke studio.

  2. Add Element: If you click on this button, the Elements selector menu will open, allowing you to add an Element to this bespoke design. If the Hand preview is enabled, it will hide from view automatically.

  3. Viewport: Allows for real-time visualization of the 3D design.

  4. This bespoke design's selling price.

If you click on any of the Elements on the screen, the Gumball will be displayed. With it, you can rotate it and move it across the Bespoke studio. To close it click elsewhere on your screen.

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