When managing hundreds of thousands or millions of combinations, manual price calculation is no longer an option, so we must automate the process.

Although it may seem easy to calculate, the accuracy of the lead time calculation is vital, so we will not only talk about prices but also about how we can calculate the lead time.

How are prices calculated?

In a very summarized form, the price calculation in 2Shapes comprises three steps: Production cost, gem cost, and markup calculation, calculated from left to right.


In this section, we will define all the information about our costs and manufacturing processes, such as metal prices, type of metals, prototyping costs, casting, finishing, setting, ...

For more details, see the Inventory > Manufacturers section.

Gemstone and Diamonds Groups

It is the grouping of a set of diamonds and gems, differentiating between Diamonds, Small diamonds and Gemstones. We can specify all the characteristics of diamonds and gemstones, prices, location, certificates, images,...

We can import them using a CSV file or by Rest API.

For more details, see the Inventory > Diamonds and Gemstones section.


In this section, you can find your configurations for your profit margins and the system to calculate them. Also, we have the options to define markups for metals and labors and diamonds and gemstones.

For more details, see the Inventory > Markups section.

Pricing can be bidimensional

This process is two-dimensional since there can be multiple manufacturers, multiple groups of gems, and multiple markups. There are cases that, with one manufacturer and one group of diamonds and gems, we have enough, but there are cases that can help us.

Automatic manufacturer selection

For example, we can have three favourite manufacturers and define different criteria to choose one or the other automatically, such as, for example, the metal of our design.

Automatic selection of Diamonds and Gemstones

We can define several groups of gems and diamonds; the choice is by order. First, it will try to complete the gems it needs with group 1; if not, it will go to the second group, and so on! It is very useful to combine our stock of gems with that of our suppliers, prioritizing our own.

Automatic selection of Markup

Although we can define unlimited markup, we must define one by default. The reason to have several, is that we can define different markup per store, groups of stores, and online stores.

Important! The same design can have different prices depending on our needs and where we are selling it!


2Shapes has been a multicurrency platform since its birth so that we can combine different currencies for different manufacturers; for example, our manufacturer can be in Mexico and define the prices in Mexican pesos. In the same way, we can have a diamond supplier in US dollars and a second emerald supplier in Colombia in Colombian Pesos. Interesting.

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