Creating a design

For this part, we will use the 2Shapes App, and you can log in by clicking here.

When you log in, you will see the design section. If this is the first time you enter, I recommend seeing how you can organize all your designs and configurators in your way. You can find details here...

Important! In 2Shapes Studio, we can import files already created in Rhino or RhinoArtisan, but for training purposes, we will make the model from scratch.

Create a new design

We will create a new design by clicking on New Design:

We will be asked for a name for our design, in this case, we are going to use My First Configurator, but you can use any name you want, you can change it at any time.

It will open the studio where we can start creating our jewelry

Adding the elements

Next we are going to add the two elements that form our solitaire: a classic shank and a peghead.

Adding a shank

Adding a shank is very simple, click on the Library tab, and click on the Add (+) button.

All element types will appear. In this case, we will choose Shanks > Classic:

2Shapes App includes hundreds of ready-to-use designs and elements, but for training purposes, we create it from scratch.

As you will see, a very simple classic shank will appear, let's edit it to give it our style. Click on the Design tab, and you will see that a new element appears in the list of elements: the shank.

Before editing it, let's change the default material definition; in this case, we will use 14k Yellow Gold. In the future, we will see how to edit the scene.

Excellent! Now, we are going to edit the element. To do this, click on the three dots, and a context menu will appear, and click on Edit.

On the left, we will see the parameters of the classic shank. In this case, modify it as you wish until you get a shape like the one below. Also, as you will see, we have activated the Pinch option since now we will add a peghead.

If you want to know even the smallest details of studio, please visit the Studio section.

Adding the Peghead

To add the Peghead, we have to repeat the same process as for the shank, but in this case, select Gemsets > Peghead.

You will see that the peghead appears in the source plane. If we click on the peghead, we will see that the Gumball appears, which allows us to transform the elements.

Once placed, you can edit it and give it that personal touch.

Congratulations! Your design is ready! Let's create the configurator.


We can save the current camera to show different views or details on our jewel.

Here is how we can interact with our cameras. In this example, we have not modified the zoom, but we can also zoom in on specific areas!

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