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2Shapes Elements is an extensive library that consists of various types of components ready to be added to a design. It includes a wide range of options, such as different types of shanks, settings, and even organic elements that can be used to create our model.

The library provides a vast collection of pre-designed components, allowing jewelry professionals to easily select and incorporate them into their designs. This saves time and effort in creating each component from scratch. Whether it's a ring shank, a prong setting, or intricate organic details, the library offers a diverse selection to choose from.

Users can quickly assemble and customize their jewelry designs by utilizing these pre-designed components. They can mix and match different elements to achieve the desired aesthetic or style. This versatility enables designers to explore various design possibilities and experiment with different combinations.

Furthermore, the components in 2Shapes Elements are crafted with attention to detail, ensuring high-quality and realistic representations. This enhances the visual appeal of the designs and allows users to visualize how the components will look in the final product.


It is possible to create your own library of elements starting from basic components such as Shanks, Gemsets, Bail, Bangle, Bead, and Charm. You can also edit existing elements to modify them according to your specific needs and save them as new elements in your library.

The software allows you to customize and adjust the parameters of each component. You can modify the size, shape, thickness, curvature, and other attributes of the elements to create unique designs. This flexibility allows you to tailor the components to match your design vision and meet your customers' requirements.

Once you have customized an element to your liking, you can save it as a new component in your personal library. This way, you can easily access and reuse the modified element in future designs. Building your own library of elements helps to streamline your design process, as you can quickly retrieve and apply these customized components to your jewelry designs.

Furthermore, the ability to save edited components as new elements in your library allows you to build a collection of personalized design assets. This can be particularly useful if you have certain design elements or styles that are unique to your brand or signature pieces. You can easily access and incorporate these elements into your designs whenever needed.

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