Navigate the Showcase area

In order to show your customers the Groups of Collections and Collections you have set up in the 2Shapes Store, you can click on the header of your Group of Collections, and click on Collections to reveal the products or bespoke designs within.

If you click on a product or bespoke design, its details page will open, allowing you to continue the sales process.

Products and Bespoke designs have a set of icons in their lower-right corner:

Products and Bespoke design details common options

Both the product and bespoke design details page have options in common, such as:

  • Add to wishlist: displayed as a heart icon next to the product or bespoke design's name. If clicked, will add this item to your customer's wishlist.

  • Add an inscription: If clicked, you can type in the text to engrave and choose from 2 styles of text with the two icons below the text field.

  • Add to Shopping Bag: If you click this button, this item will be added to your customer's shopping bag.

  • Send a Hint: Once clicked, this will open the Drop a hint window, where you can enter the customer's name and email, and the name and email of the recipient of this Hint.

The 2Shapes Store interface includes a Search icon that is displayed at the top-right corner of the screen during a great part of the sales process.

If you click this icon, the search page will open. Here you can type in words, and 2Shapes will search for products and bespoke designs containing those words. You can click on any of them to open their details and continue the sales process normally.

Wish list

The Wish list is a great way to group the products and bespoke designs your customer shows interest in, and keep them for later.

Once inside the Wish list, you can see all the products and bespoke designs saved in it organized in a grid on the center of your screen.

You can remove all the current items of this wishlist by clicking on the Delete icon at the top-right corner of your screen.

All products and bespoke designs here have 3 icons on their lower-right corner:

Shopping bag

The Shopping bag is the place where your customer saves the products and bespoke designs they want to purchase.

Here you will find all the products and bespoke designs listed, along with their details and price.

You can remove a product or bespoke design from the shopping bag by clicking on the remove icon at the lower-right corner of their square, or remove all of them at the same time using the Delete icon at the top-right corner of your screen.

To continue to the Checkout process, click on the checkout button below the Shopping Bag's total amount.


On the checkout page, you can find the products and bespoke designs your customers in purchasing, and fields where you have to type in the customer's information and preferences to finish the sales process and place their order.

Please refer to the Checkout page on this documentation to see all the funtionalities of this area.

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