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In this section, we will see what a configurator is and how to create it.

Before we get into it, I want to explain the steps we will follow to create our first configurator. As the concept is practically identical for all the designs, we will start with a solitaire ring.

What steps should we follow to create a configurator?

To create a configurator, we must follow six steps, as shown below.

Creating a design

First, we must create the modelling of our jewellery. In this case, we will make it directly in the 2Shapes App, but you can upload models directly from Rhinoceros. Of course, you can also upload directly from RhinoArtisan.

Attributes and variations


In this step, we will define the attributes and variations; if you have experience in eCommerce, you will see that they are standard concepts when we have a product with several versions.

Attributes: We understand by attributes what we want to change in our elements, such as gem size, shape, profiles, thicknesses, and materials,....

Variations: Variations are the combinatorial of all the possibilities of the attributes. For example, if we have three gem shapes (round, cushion and princess) and three sizes (0.25ct, 0.50ct, 0.75ct), we will have nine variations. Do you understand? We will go into more detail below.


In the case of the shank, the concept is the same, but in this case, we will see that we can define an infinite number of options, such as ring size, profiles, shapes and sizes, materials, and much more.


We understand by scene the customization of how it will be displayed on our website. For example, the customization of materials, camera positions, backgrounds, etc. .... This will give that final touch that makes the difference.


I don't want to go into too much detail, but without a doubt, this is the most fun part! Keep in mind that in the example we are going to see in this documentation, we are going to have more than 2 million combinations! 😱 Can you imagine manually calculating all the prices and delivery times? Don't worry, 2Shapes will do it for you, and using your manufacturing costs?

But I have more questions! Can I add my costs? Can I define which diamonds and qualities I want to use? And if I don't have them in stock, what happens? Don't worry; all this and much more is possible. We see it in the pricing section.


Una vez tenemos nuestro configurador, simplemente generaremos la linea de codigo que debemos poner en nuestra web. 🚀

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