Rhino Options

2Shapes for Rhino adds some new menus to the Rhino Options window.
To open Rhino Options, use the default command Options, or alternatively search for the Settings icon under the File tab on the ribbon.


This menu contains some basic settings which allow you to adapt the interface to your needs:


  • Show Grid: Enabled by default.
  • Magnify Toolbar On Viewport: Disabled by default.
  • Real-Time Weight: Enabled by default. If enabled, it will draw a bubble on the viewport pointing to an element, inside this bubble the weight of the element will be shown and updated in real-time.
  • Ribbon: Hide Text on Buttons: Disabled by default. Once enabled, the text below the icons in the RIbbon will be hidden. It's ideal for users working with low-resolution screens who wish to optimize their screen space.
  • Gumball size: Medium by default. Can be changed to Small or Large to shrink or enlarge the Gumball when it's displayed on your viewports.
  • Tripod: Default by default. Can be changed to None if the user wants to hide the Tripod model on the top right corner of your viewports.
  • Tripod Size: Medium by default. Can be changed to Small or Large to shrink or enlarge the Tripod if it's set to Default in the Tripod menu above.

3D Printing

  • Application: This allows you to set which 3D printing slicer application installed on your computer you want to use by default to open exported models from 2Shapes. You can write the .exe file location of the slicer application using the text box below, or click on the three dots on the right and then select the .exe file.


  • Presets: Light by default. Can be changed to Dark or Custom. Once changed, you will need to close and open 2Shapes for Rhino to see your changes applied. Dark will change the color of the interface to a shade of dim grey and black. If Custom is selected, it will be shown all the colors you can change and some buttons.
    • Use White Icons: Turns certain icons white to make them more visible, especially for darker backgrounds.
    • Default: Restores the colors to the Custom defaults.
    • Export: Export the theme preset as an external file.
    • Import: Imports a theme preset file.



2Shapes for Rhino adds the 2Shapes toolbar, which allows you to have the tabs from the Ribbon in a separate email, ideal for easy access when using the default Rhino interface.
If you click on the 2Shapes item on this menu, you will see the available toolbars you can activate on the space below.
In addition, you can see the location of the plugin file below the FIles menu.


If you have selected 2Shapes on the Files menu above, you will see all the available toolbars you can enable on this menu. Checking the box on the left of each toolbar will make it pop up as a standalone toolbar on your interface.