On this tab, you will find commands added by 2Shapes for Rhino related to the file you are editing, whether is to open a model from 2Shapes Design or even to check for new updates.

Open from Cloud

This command opens a new window that shows all the designs and labels you keep in 2Shapes Design.
The 2Shapes Designs window allows you to click on the various labels you have created on 2Shapes Design to navigate through them. You can also click on any design you see in this window, and it will be imported to your open 2Shapes for Rhino file.

Save on Cloud

This command saves your file as a design on 2Shapes Design, along with the rest of your designs.
Once you run this command, a window will open where you can Name the resulting design, and in which label you want to store it. Click on the Save button to start the uploading process, or the Cancel button to stop this command.


Running this command will open a new window in your internet browser that shows the galleries and labels you keep in 2Shapes Design.

Recent files

By executing this command the Recent Files window will open. In the Recent Files window, you can see the files you have saved previously in 2Shapes for Rhino, provided that you haven't erased them. If you click on a file listed there, it will open on 2Shapes for Rhino. If you haven't saved your latest changes on your present file you will be asked if you want to save those changes.

Open File Location

Opens your file browser on the location in which the file you are editing is saved.

Save as template

This command saves your current file as a template, including all the geometry and configurations you had done.
Whenever you open 2Shapes for Rhino or use the New command, you will open an exact copy of this file, instead of a regular empty file.
This command is especially useful for keeping a consistent Layer organization and making sure you are always starting from the same base configuration.
Running this command will convert your file into STL format, and open it in the 3D slicer software you have set on the 3D Printing Application section of the 2Shapes menu on Rhino Options.


This command opens the Rhino Options menu.

User Folder

Opens the location on your file browser where 2Shapes for Rhino is installed.


Checks if there are new updates for 2Shapes for Rhino ready to download. If there is a new update to download, it will start downloading and installing it.