2Shapes Documentation

Product details

This page allows you to see all the details of the opened product. It's organized in some menus and items:
The product details as shown in 2Shapes Store
1 - The product's name.
2 - The Wish list icon, which allows you to add this product to your customer's wish list.
3 - This product's short description.
4- The price of the shown product.
5 - The description specific to this variation of the product (if it varies).
6 - The button to open the Add an inscription menu.
7 - The time it will take to deliver this product to the store.
8 - This product's Attributes, used to configure and show different variations according to the options chosen.
9 - The button to add this particular product to your customer's shopping bag.
10 - The main preview image of this product.
11 - The preview images of this product, if clicked upon, it will substitute the main preview image (point 10 on the diagram).
12 - The detailed information attached to this product.