2Shapes Documentation


Downloading 2Shapes for Rhino is very easy. You will only need to follow these steps:
1) Access 2Shapes Dashboard by logging in with your 2Shapes account.
Logging in with our account
2) Once logged in, you will see on the Home page, all the apps from the 2Shapes Suite, including 2Shapes for Rhino. To download the latest version of our plug-in, click on the Download button under 2Shapes for Rhino.
The Home page on 2Shapes Dashboard
3) Your internet browser will now begin downloading the installer. Congratulations, you have downloaded 2Shapes for Rhino, and it's time to install it!
Clicking the Download button under 2Shapes for Rhino
Some browsers will ask for your permission to continue or finish the download. If you see this message, click on Allow.